Creating the first post in the community

After making sure that the content of the branded account is significant, you can start filling the community or account about telegram onlyfans. Consider the process of creating posts on the example of the social network VKontakte as the most multifunctional and therefore a little more difficult to master.

How to make a post-lead generator on VKontakte

In order for a post to appear on the community wall, you need to enter text in the field above the last post and attach the necessary materials or a timer (for publication at a specific time chosen by the author).

A VKontakte post prepared for publication may contain text, audio and video recordings, images, attached links, documents, georeferencing (marking on the map):

Even one post on the VKontakte wall can bring tangible benefits if it is well prepared. The right and thoughtful combination of content allows you to draw users’ attention to a product or service, redirect them to the right place and convey information as fully as possible.

For example, a link in a VKontakte post with a colorful video about a product and a short thesis description may lead to a transition to the site, while the same link under several paragraphs of text about the benefits of your product will cause less interest. To increase the conversion of each publication, you should take into account all the features of the service and use them as efficiently as possible.

Other useful features

Of great importance is the ability to pin a VKontakte post at the top of the page. This will focus the attention of visitors on what you want to convey to them: latest news; the best publication; an illustration that reflects the nature of the community. This feature can also be used to create interactive navigation and menus right on the page using links and wiki markup.

You can pin a VKontakte post after it is published in view mode.

In this case, the post will be pinned above the main feed and will not go down when new posts are posted.

Now, knowing how to make a post on VKontakte containing any media content and links and knowing how to use all the built-in features, you can proceed to more detailed work on promoting and optimizing content – choosing the time of publication, analyzing behavioral factors, and identifying the optimal form of presenting materials.