How to restore a contact in Telegram after deletion or blocking?

How to restore a contact yagoal in Telegram if it has been deleted or blocked? Consider both cases – often the interlocutors are sent to the ban undeservedly and in a rage, after which you want to return the user. But how to do that? We will tell you.

After deleting
An interesting question: how to return a contact in Telegram that you deleted? Unfortunately, there is no special functionality in the messenger and you will have to act manually.

If you have erased data only from the messenger, just copy the mobile number from the phone book. Now find the “Contacts” button in the messenger, in this menu, click on the “+” icon and add a person. Enter the name and paste the copied phone number.

And how to find a remote contact in Telegram using the messenger search? No way – you will have to go back to your mobile book and re-save the card with the data.

After blocking
It is much easier to return a deleted contact in a Telegram after blocking. If you sent a person to the blacklist a certain time ago, you can very easily return the ability to communicate to him! We tell you what needs to be done:

Click on the settings icon (on the iPhone, bottom right, on Android – three bars at the top left);
Go to the “Confidentiality” section;
Find the “Blacklist” tab;
Find the user you want to restore in rights;
On iPhone, swipe from right to left until the “Unblock” button appears;
On Android, hold down the username with your finger until the unlock icon appears.

It is possible to restore a contact in Telegram after deletion – more precisely, moving to the black list, in another way. If you have not cleared the conversation and left the chat on the main screen, just enter the dialogue. The unlock icon will be at the bottom – click to restore the user rights.

If you decide to unblock the person, they will be able to call and send you messages again. If you previously deleted the chat, you won’t be able to access the history after unlocking. In addition, you will never receive the inboxes that the user sent you while on the blacklist.

In general terms, they told how to restore a deleted contact in Telegram and return a person from the black list. Locking does not mean deleting, so data recovery will be easier and faster. With a completely erased contact, it’s a little more difficult, but there is still a chance of getting the desired result!